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New update of Instagram 2019

New update of Instagram 2019

Instagram is a social media platform which allows its users to share pictures and videos with their friends and seems to be going from strength to strength. While the company has slowed releasing user numbers since it passed one billion monthly active users, there is little doubt that follower numbers are still increasing.

This is an effort to offer users with as many tools as possible to create different content. If you are not a regular user of Instagram, you are likely to miss some of the awesome features that can help you create content that can really stand out.

Instagram hasn’t rested on its laurels either. They are continually testing and introducing new features, in some cases, trying to replicate (or even improve) on some of the most popular features of their competing social channels. Instagram Stories is now such an essential part of the social network that it is easy to forget that when Instagram introduced them, many considered them to be just a replication of what SnapChat had to offer.

Instagram: What Are the Benefits?

Checkout on Instagram

The option makes it easier to purchase an item through the app – which is one small step for the platform and one giant leap for brands looking to maximize their eCommerce opportunities. The update makes significantly easier for users to go from browsing to buying, all within the app. When a user taps on a product they’re interested in, a “Checkout on Instagram” button appears, enabling the user to purchase a product without ever leaving the app. Once a user fills out the information it’s saved for future use.

We have to say that, out of all of the updates Instagram has released this year, this one is one of our favourites – and one which is also likely to become significantly more relevant in 2020.


Have you ever received an email from Instagram telling you you’ve qualified for verification, your password has been changed, or you need to urgently click this link to save your account from deletion? I think we all have at some point, and some have unfortunately clicked the link within those emails and mere moments later, notice their accounts have been hacked.

This is your traditional “phishing” scam. The emails are sent by unknown parties that intend to trick you into entering your username and password somewhere, so they can promptly steal it and take over your account.

Instagram has finally realized this is a major problem and implemented a new feature that will help users determine if the email they received from “Instagram” is real or not. This new feature can be found within your settings and will display any emails sent by Instagram in the last 14 days so you can know with certainty if

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Hit the hamburger icon in the top right
  • Select Settings,
  • Select Security
  • And then finally “Emails from Instagram”.

We’ve gone back to Instagram updates made as early as January 2019, and we will continue to update this post regularly in the future to keep you up-to-date with this ever-changing social platform. If the idea of an Instagram update has you scared, then you’re on the right track. Failure to understand what the Instagram update is looking to accomplish and what changes it will enact will mean being forgotten by the masses.

To make all the work you went through creating a digital brand on Instagram worth it, you need to know about this update.

Call to Action Icons

In addition to contact buttons that allows you to directly contact other users or get contacted, an Instagram update has introduced other call to action buttons. These buttons will enable users to start orders placed by their clients, get tickets to various events, shop and many other functions. This will greatly improve how businesses carry out their trades on Instagram.


No matter what you’re posting or engagement strategy is, bots and fake accounts still manage to sneak in and plague your follower list (they often come from poorly selected hashtags or engaging with the wrong accounts). Having too many of these accounts following you can bring down your overall engagement rate and Instagram doesn’t like that. When our audience isn’t engaging, they think our content isn’t very good and they’ll limit the number of people that see it!

Instead of downloading a third-party app (which is likely unapproved by Instagram and can damage your account further!) you can use this new Instagram feature manually remove a follower and keep your engagement rate in top shape!

How to: go to your followers list and pick out the account you believe is a ghost follower (this is often obvious based on profile picture, user name or content on their account), once you locate one, click the three dots on the right-hand side next to the follow/following button and select ‘remove’. Keep in mind doing this will lower your follower count but will increase your engagement rate (totally worth it in my opinion!)

Saving Posts to Archive

Following your theme and style, you in most cases try and post pictures that fit in with your theme. There are times when you review your feed and identify an embarrassing picture that you posted a long time ago.

You may want to get rid of the picture but would distort the theme of your profile. If you do wish to delete it anyway but keep it for future use or reference, you can simply send it to the archives.

You simply open the post, click on the three dots at the top corner and select archive. You can always return such posts to your feed when you need or want to. You can also buy Instagram followers, it’s the pretty good idea people go for these days.

Clear Browsing History

It might not be a new feature as such, but it is rarely used. This is particularly important if you are sharing a company account and do not want your search history to be seen. On your profile, click the three dots at the top, then check on the option of clearing your history and click on it to clear.

Donation Stickers

It’s no secret that Stories have exploded on Instagram, with over 500 million daily active users. Adding to the interactive capacity of Stories, Instagram launched donation stickers for Stories back in May, giving users the capacity to raise money for non-profit groups via the option.

Shopping or Creators

Influencer marketing hit a new peak in 2019. Our data shows that usage of the #Ad hashtag on the Instagram increase by 33% compared to Q2, 2018.

That’s a significant leap – and that doesn’t even take into account the influencers who are required to, but sometimes don’t, include #Ad on their sponsored posts.

Due to the rise in influencer marketing, Instagram has also made it easier than ever for users to shop for items sported by content creators.

Rather than screenshotting or Googling for specific articles of clothing or accessories, influencers now have the option of tagging items within their posts to enable in-stream shopping, via ‘Shopping for Creators’.

Sharing feed posts in Stories

This is excellent news for brands and small businesses. Imagine you’re an eCommerce store owner selling sunglasses. A customer has bought your glasses and posted a picture of them wearing your latest summer accessory. Now, you as the eCom store owner can utilize this valuable UGC (user-generated content) and directly share that post to your Instagram Stories.

All posts that are shared via Stories include a link back to the original post and also state the poster’s name. It’s a great way to show off your clients and further spread the word about your booming business.