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How to survive as a freelancer during this Covid-19 crisis

How to survive as a freelancer during this Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 has hit all types of professionals whether they are a business man, salaried professionals or a full time freelancers.

But it has very bad effect on freelancers, as we know freelancing doesn’t offer any consistency.  And this epidemic has even made that situation even more worse. I am also a freelancer and going through the same phase. Surviving as a freelancer during this Covid-19 crisis has become a important questions for all of us. There are few ways that i tried and you can also try those that will make you go through this phase if not on the high note at least on a respectful way.

Search for other sources of income

You have a talent that’s why you have survived till now as a freelancer (which is a very competitive market). So, think about the other ways that you can use these skills to generate more income or learn new skills. Now days learning a new skill is not that expensive even some youtube channel offers free coaching. Just follow that.

Some other ways can be like selling old unwanted furniture at home or office that might not be a big help but at least you can pay some of your dues. You are a freelancer and you are trained to think out of box.

Contact old clients and search for new

As a freelancer i worked with clients from all around the globe and had very good relationships with my clients. In this epidemic i contacted some of my old clients and guess what i have few projects that will give some oxygen to my freelancing career and help me revive everything.

You can try that as well chances of this give you good results are high because you and your old client had already worked with you. So, getting the work from known is lot easier but don’t stop looking for new clients. Keep searching for new projects.

Check your pricing and offer add-on services

Though you have set the pricing of all types of work according to your ability and experience but think about making it more competitive right now. Adjust the pricing for now and once you are on track go back to your actual pricing.

Along with adjusting the pricing offer add-on services like if you are a designer you can offer designing a banner or a facebook cover for your client along with the business cards. This will make your price reasonable for your new clients after all its the same pain of not having enough money that we all are suffering whether its you or your client.

Keep an eye on your expenses and maintain budget

Always keep an eye on your expenses, don’t ever let your expense go through the roof. Fix a monthly budget and stick to it no matter what happens. Don’t be afraid you need to do all this till your in crisis. Once your financial situation becomes normal you can always change the budget.

Think about term and health insurances

This covid-19 crisis has taken a toll on our minds. We as a freelancer always had a lot’s of stress but this epidemic has made the situation more bad if not worst. So, staying healthy and keeping mind healthy has becomes the most important thing.

So, if you have already go the health issues cover then continues with that if not then try to have one. Not only for you but for the entire family.

Keep your passion alive

In all of this don’t lose your passion for your work. Always keep in mind why you left your boring and circle routine 9-to-5 job. After all you have put your time and hard work to come this long way.

New work will not come easy in these circumstances but have patience and keep searching for it. You will pass through it and it will come back to normal. Don’t lose HOPE!

If you are a freelancer and have other ways that you have tried and have worked for you can share with me or have any thoughts about this blog write to me at