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Why banning PUBG is a good move by indian government?

Why banning PUBG is a good move by indian government?

Many of us still wondering why the current Indian government has banned the popular game PUBG and 117 other Chinese apps from iOS and Android mobile app stores?. These apps specifically PUBG has millions of downloads on Apple and Android play store.

Yes! there can be lot’s of things that we can say or put against this but still it’s a good move. So, let us go in depth and try to find out its reason and effects on our younger generation.

Our younger generation especially the kids used to spent hours and hours on PUBG making their physical activity almost nil. You can say this can be said to other games as well.

But what made it more bad influencer than others is the violence that it depicts as compared to other games.

If you have heard the recent news that a child used his grandfather’s account in PUBG and lost 16 Lakh (Rs.) just to play the game. From this you can understand how far it can goes. This is one of the rare cases that came in to highlight due to the huge amount involved in it. But there can be lot’s of other incidents like it that never came to our knowledge.

This ban will also give Indian developers a chance to create games similar to PUBG but with low violence and putting Indian values.

Government also said that this games was getting the sensitive information from our mobile devices. And that’s a huge concern for all of us.

We are not saying that the loss of money, loss of appetite for physical games etc. is only caused by PUBG, but it had affected more in recent days.

But only banning games will not help us. We all should become more responsible about what our kids are watching, playing on mobiles.

Loss of Rs. in games like PUBG should have been avoided by only just keeping a check on our kids.

PUBG is a good game but too much of any good thing can also do the damage. We hope that PUBG make the changes that government has addressed and come back to the market as our kids wanted to play it.

So, there can be lot’s of things that can put in favour of PUBG and in against of it but more than this the important point is to decide what thing is more important to us. A game or our kids development.

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