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Computer Based business ideas

Computer Based business ideas

Nowadays, computer has become the every person needs. Whether you are a common man or a tech-savvy person, you need computer for every day’s work.

If you are a computer professional and wanted to start your own business. But don’t know what type of business you can start. So, we have made a list of some very common business ideas :

1. Computer Tutor or Trainer :

a. Computer Tutor’s having more demand now days as compared to old days. Though most of us use computer everyday but still lots of people need guidance.

b. But as tutor you need to have lots of patience, since technology as lots of terms and set of standard rules that some time people not able to understand.

2. Computer Repair :

a. Computer Repairing is a low budget business that you can start from your home. But you must have mastery and deep knowledge of computer architecture.

b. If you don’t have required skills then you should hire a person and can provide computer repair services.

3. Desktop Publishing :

a. If you have habit of writing or hobby you can start your desktop publishing. To become a good desktop publisher you should have good command over any language that you prefer.

4. Internet Marketing Services :

a. As the need for online presence of business increases, the need for internet marketing services also increases.
b. It doesn’t need much to start internet marketing services just an internet and a PC. If you don’t have enough knowledge you can always learn it. As there are lots of free source of information are available online.

5. Web Design and/or Programming :

a. As a computer professional you can start selling web design or app development services.

b. Every business needs website or app today. So, it can be a good business to start. But you must have professional skills.

c. The biggest advantage of Web Design or Programming is that you can work with clients all around the globe.

d. If you have don’t have right skills you can learn by joining any coaching center near you or study online.

6. Computer Accessories :

a. You can start selling computer accessories like keyboard, mouse, pendrive etc. You can purchase computer accessories in bulk and start selling online and offline both ways.

7. Computer AMC:

a. You can provide regular computer maintenance and charge your customers for that. AMC can be a good idea as it can be start in almost no money and you can have regular customers.

These are some of the computer based business ideas but there can be lots other business ideas. You can read and understand all. Choose what you feel excited about and can start it.