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Shradha Sharma – Founder & CEO of YOURSTORY

Shradha Sharma – Founder & CEO of YOURSTORY

Recently i was searching for indian entrepreneurs interviews or their biography on web. During my search i saw inspiring videos from very famous entrepreneurs. I watched videos and read about these entrepreneurs. So, i decided to share one of those.

I found a video of a young , energetic girl. She was speaking from her heart and most of her things was that i can relate to. She is none other than Founder & CEO of YOURSTORY – SHRADHA SHARMA.

As you all know YOURSTORY is a a digital-media platform for startups and entrepreneurs. She started YourStory in 2008, But before that Shradha served as an assistant vice president at CNBC TV18 and also as a brand adviser at The Times of India.

In this video she shared her childhood story and her journey to become as an entrepreneur. So, i am going to give some details about her background and some stories or points that she made in this video for you to get inspire. Do something creative and follow the passion in your life.

Shradha was born in a small town in Bihar, India. She grew up in Patna. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She is a 2004 alumnus of MICA, Ahmedabad.

She has got lots of awards and achieved a lot in her life. But as it is the case with every entrepreneur her journey wasn’t easy as well.

She has gone through lots of up and downs. In video, she told that once she participated in the dance when she was in a 3rd standard. She was a small lanky kid. But her partner and she didn’t know anything about dance. They came very last and gone through lot’s of embarrassment.

Her teacher said harsh words like you poor people don’t have clothes to wear etc. that further added insult to injury. She cried and even now she cry by remembering those words. After all this she decided to write her own story.

She shared another story. She told how she wasn’t selected for a debate competition in her college. Gone back to her teacher in Bihar and told her madam that she didn’t got what other state students has got as a Bihari Kid.

But what her teacher replied was the crux of this entire video. Her teacher told her “What you don’t get in life will make you run for your entire life”. She said that she has kept those words in her heart and will be keeping those till her last breath.

She said that whatever she got in her life is due to her habit of helping peoples. She wanted all the listeners to share even 50 paisa from 1 rupee. But sharing will help them as she has experienced it.

Though i have watched lots of her videos while taking interviews of personalities from different fields. But i have liked this video very much as it describe what type of journey as an entrepreneur a person can have.

I don’t know whether i’ll get a chance to meet and probably interview her. But if i ever get a chance i have lots of questions to ask her.

Till then read this blog and if you want to see the video here it is :